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Central Brandon

Central Brandon office

Debbie Flanagan 7 73 Closed
Coral Springs

Coral Springs office

Chris Maccarone 6 116 Closed

Lakeland office

Fran Umstadter 7 55 Closed
Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch office

Michael Taylor 9 49 Closed
Longboat Key

Longboat Key office

Bob Stanley 6 67 Closed
Marco Island

Marco Island office

David Gape 6 49 Closed
New Tampa

New Tampa office

Judy Schaffer 7 81 Closed
North Tampa

North Tampa office

Darlene Channell 18 69 Closed

Orlando office

Gary Williams 11 117 Closed
Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor office

Donna Kashtan 7 70 Closed
Winter Park

Winter Park office

Lois Rawson 7 220 Closed
Southwest Orlando

Southwest Orlando office

Marianne Bartlett 8 99 Closed
St Armands

St Armands office

Bob Huff 7 83 Closed
Boca Resort and Beach

Boca Beaches office

Roy Jones 10 104 Closed
Sarasota Downtown

Sarasota Downtown office

Pauline Bennett 49 100 Closed
Winter Springs/Oviedo

The Winter Springs office

David Robinson 10 96 Closed

Weston office

Terri Bersach 10 154 Closed

Pinecrest office

Joanna Sherman 7 117 Closed
Naples 5th Avenue

Naples 5th Avenue office

Nancy MacDonald 8 122 Closed
Siesta Key

Siesta Key office

Steven Bailey 7 79 Closed
St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach office

Elizabeth Vasti 7 67 Closed
Orlando North

Orlando North

Robin Muzeka 7 99 Closed

Hollywood office

Donna Reid 7 74 Closed
Plant City

Plant City office

Jo-An Lusk 7 26 Closed
Tampa Southwest

Tampa Southwest office

Judy Clark 7 64 Closed
West Palm Beach Intracoastal

West Palm Beach Intracoastal office

Bill Bronstein 8 48 Closed
Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens office

Cathy Shepherd 7 50 Closed
St. Pete NE

St. Pete NE office

Vicki Gonzales 8 48 Closed
Downtown St. Pete

Downtown St. Pete office

Vicki Gonzales 8 19 Closed
Ft Lauderdale Beach

Ft Lauderdale Beach office

Michael Mangold 7 94 Closed
Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove office

Francisco J Angulo 8 60 Closed
Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda office

Ellen O'Day 9 48 Closed
Winter Haven

Winter Haven office

Sandy Deardorff 8 48 Closed

Flagler Office

Craig Straky 5 39 Closed

Suntree office

Michael Pruitt 5 36 Closed
Fort Myers

Fort Myers office

Doreen Falcone Ma... 57 55 Closed
Flagler - Reunion Sales Ctr

Flagler - Reunion Sales Ctr office

Craig Straky 3 9 Closed
Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne office

Dianne Regalado 7 59 Closed
Southwest Broward

Southwest Broward office

Sandra Rogers 7 123 Closed

Plantation-Lakeside office

Ruth Grelewicz 7 89 Closed
Sarasota Central

Sarasota Central

Melinda Gray 7 72 Closed
Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach office

Dan Moore 7 42 Closed
Central/South Brevard

Central/South Brevard

Michael Pruitt 5 49 Closed
Cocoa Beach South

Cocoa Beach South office

Donna Linden 5 20 Closed
Merritt Island

Merritt Island office

Donna Linden 5 21 Closed
Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach office

Donna Linden 4 22 Closed

Wellington office

Donald Smith-Browne 8 50 Closed

Kendall office

Susy Corona 7 92 Closed
East Manatee

East Manatee office

Terrence Cook 202 58 Closed
Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach office

Jeffrey Piipponen 7 20 Closed
Miami Beach Lincoln Building

Miami Beach Lincoln Building office

Nancy Corey 9 149 Closed

Belleair office

Debra McMillen 12 53 Closed
South Tampa

South Tampa office

Scott Humphries 17 86 Closed
St Petersburg Central

St Petersburg Central office

Marsha Gordon 7 64 Closed
Delray Beach

Delray Beach office

Stephen Weinraub 9 84 Closed
Cape Coral

Cape Coral office

Gwen Martin 7 53 Closed
Port St. John

Port St. John office

Donna Linden 5 7 Closed
Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs office

Jeffrey Piipponen 8 36 Closed

Manatee office (fka Bradenton)

Whitney Ellis 10 41 Closed

Aventura office

Mikael Brunnberg 7 78 Closed
Naples Park Shore

Naples Park Shore office

Jeff Jones 7 61 Closed
Central/North Brevard

Central/North Brevard

Donna Linden 35 32 Closed

Clearwater office

Julia Stander 7 56 Closed
Fort Lauderdale Las Olas

Fort Lauderdale Las Olas office

Michael Mangold 6 233 Closed
Port St Lucie

Port St Lucie office

Diane Volkart 8 40 Closed

Stuart office

Mark Hufnagel 7 54 Closed

Venice/Englewood office

Kathleen Wood 8 52 Closed
Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach office

Debra McMillen 6 19 Closed
Coral Gables

Coral Gables office

Ingrid Carlos 17 168 Closed
Palm Bay

Palm Bay office

Michael Pruitt 11 28 Closed
Boca Glades Road

Boca Glades Road office

Tarrin Aliff 8 65 Closed

Osprey office

Melinda Gray 6 18 Closed
Jupiter Beach

Jupiter Beach office

Rich Fleischer 16 36 Closed
Boca Downtown

Boca Downtown office

Judith Church Bak... 7 40 Closed
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